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Hello in Croatian

The greeting ‘Hello’ in English is one of the easiest phrases to master in the Croatian language! It simply translate to ‘Bok’ which is pronounced ‘Bohk’.

Good Morning in Croatian

Saying ‘Good Morning’ to someone in Croatian translates to ‘Dobro jutro’ in Croatian. Remembering that the letter ‘j’ is often pronounced as a ‘y’ in the Croatian language, will definitely help you master this one! Dobro jutro is pronounced ‘doh-broh you-troh’.

Thank you in Croatian

Basic manners are a great place to start when learning a new language! The English term ‘Thank you’ translates to ‘Hvala’ in Croatian, which sounds like ‘hva-lah’.

How are You? in Croatian

‘How are You?’ in English translates to ‘Kako ste?’ in Croatian. This is pronounced as three syllables: kah-koh steh?.

Yes in Croatian

The easiest phrase of all! Yes in English translates to ‘Da’ in Croatian, which is simply pronounced as it sounds: da!

Are you more of an auditory learner? We’ve got you covered too. Catch our Croatian Language Lessons video below and listen to how the locals would say these phrases first-hand!

Goodbye in Croatian

Goodbye in English is ‘Doviđenja’ in Croatian, which sounds like ‘doh-vee-jen-yah’.

EnglishCroatianSounds Like
How are you?Kako ste?kah-koh steh?
I’m fine, thank youJa sam dobro, hvalayah sahm doh-broh, hva-lah
Nice to meet youDrago mi jedra-goh mee yeh
Good morningDobro jutrodoh-broh you-troh
Good afternoonDobar dandoh-bahr dahn
Good eveningDobra večerdoh-brah ve-cher
Thank youHvalahva-lah
Excuse meOprostiteoh-pro-sti-teh
What is your name?Kako se zovete?kak-koh seh zoh-ve-teh
My name is …Zovem sezoh-vhem se
Do you speak English?Govorite li engleski?goh-voh-ree-teh lee en-glees-kee
What time is it?Koliko je sati?KOH-lee-koh yeh sahtee?
How much is this?Koliko ovo košta?KOH-lee-koh oh-voh koh-shtah?
Where can I exchange money?Gdje mogu razmijeniti novac?Gdyeh MOH-goo rahz-MEE-yeh-nee-tee NOH-vahts?
Here’s my passportOvdje je moja putovnicaOH-vdyeh yeh mo-ya POO-toh-vnee-tsa
A beer/coffee/tea, pleasePivo/kavu/čaj, molimPEE-voh/KAH-voo/CH-ay MOH-leem




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